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Hands Together


What was know as a fitness program called 'BooTy®' has evolved and has changed their brand name and image to be truly seen for what is is all about. This powerful, soul-full class has evolved to be known for its ways of helping women discover courage, strength, passion, and confidence in the face of life's challenging experiences. Encouraging the support of healing emotions and igniting emotions the BooTy® Program is now: 









The b. class® encompasses everything you ever wanted in a 1-hour fitness class. The exercise that works the body, the energy clearing and mindfulness from a yoga class, the music and spiritual connection, all packaged in one.  Created by Tara Newbigging, It came from a place of regeneration, vulnerability and inspiration to create a connection to self and with others.  The b. class® is being shared with women all over. We have leaders all around Canada, the USA,  Australia, and NewZealand.


We have leaders sharing this method of healing and connection and we are very excited to continue to grow. challenges you when you need to be challenged, it centres you when you feel off-balance, teaches you to love more than you ever knew you could. If there is one thing that everyone has to say about the b. class is that you have to experience it to understand it.  feeling strong and empowered to live their most authentic lives. It provides a supportive environment for women to connect with the self. Leaving them feeling strong and empowered to live their most authentic lives. The b. class® is for women of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. You do not need to be coordinated, you just need to be YOU.

Each class you will leave feeling clear, strong and empowered.


Trust us... you have to try it out for yourself.





















What the b. stands for:


The b. class® is all about coming into alignment with ourselves. The class is about connecting with all parts of the self, the good the bad and the ugly. We set


fire to the things that no longer serve us, and allow for love and light to ignite our souls and visions. If you notice the b. is not the most perfect shape and


that is what we wanted. 

We did that because life is not always perfect, and as women, we are always dealing with the ebb and flow of change. The b. is plump in areas and then


skinny in areas and the top of the b. is slanted. This is to represent the constant changes that our selves go through. 


The period and pause at the end of the b. represents the moments in-between. We hold these pauses and periods after each song to be with what is. We


calm the emotion of the song, let the dust settle from what we are feeling and then move on with a clear grounded strength. We pause in Shavasana to let ourselves lay on the ground with whatever we are feeling in that present moment. 


B.-ing is about being where we are at. We all go through seasons and chapters of change, The b. class® helps women align themselves when they feel off,


and helps one trust that truth, positivity, and love, can be accessed inside our hearts if we connect. 



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