The hidden bonus

Create connection with your heart and soul.

This program is like nothing you have ever experienced. 


We know life can get busy and going to a 'fitness class' takes effort. We feel it is important to provide one powerful class where you get it all in one. 

Fitness, amazing music, dance, yoga, mindfulness and more...


Our classes create a community of women who support other women. We are here to help one another rise above. We show up, we help one another shine, and we support each other through our own personal journey. 


The fundamental elements of the class are you remove ego, fear, and sheld parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. We clear our minds and heal our hearts to gain a true perspective of love and life. 

The b. class® is a one-of-a-kind program that weaves together movement, energy work, music and inspiration creating a feeling like no other. The b. class® is an inspiring women’s-only, barefoot fitness program designed to unleash the potential within the body, mind, and soul. The b. class® combines athletic movement with powerful music creating a perfect balance between intensity and fun! Women walk away feeling strong and empowered to live their most authentic lives.


Things to expect in The b. class®

• Women only

• Barefoot (but can choose to wear shoes)

• Easy-to-follow choreography

• Guaranteed workout

• Bodyweight exercise

• Strength & Endurance training (squats, burpees, pushups, etc.)

• Concentrated balance poses (some hidden yoga moves)

• Fun, motivating music that will move you

•Cardio (as much as you want to make it)

• Options are given for all levels of fitness (make your own modifications)

• All ages and stages

• A non-judgemental, welcoming environment

• A good sweat that creates a smile 

• Motivation and inspiration from instructors

• Shavasana at the end with an acoustic song that touches the soul.