I have never done a class before, what should I expect when I arrive?

Do not worry! When you arrive you should most likely be greeted by the b. leader Let the leader know who you are and that this is your first class. They will get you all set up and feeling very comfortable. The most important thing about your first time doing The b. class® is that you have FUN! Do not worry about doing the moves right or keeping up or making it perfect, just follow along and try to focus on the music and not just the moves. It takes about three classes to really feel like you can settle in and not have to think so much, but trust 'us' with a little letting go and some fun smiles, you will enjoy yourself and get a great workout in more and more each time you come. The leader will address the class and welcome everyone before starting. The class is usually 60-75 minutes. You will finish the class on the floor doing shavasana and stretching so if you would like, bring a yoga mat.

Will I be able to keep up?

Yes! Every class is different, but one of the great things about The b. class®is that all levels can all participate, each class is adaptable to your fitness level. We always have a variety of participants in each class, and we honour individuals making modifications and finding what works well for their bodies. What's also a great reminder is that The b.class® is more about the music and the mind and the bounus is that your body gets a good workout along the way. Just being in the room with the other participants makes the experience special.

What do I bring with me?

Yourself, a yoga mat, water bottle, and sweat towel if you need. Shoes are optional. We are a barefoot class however you are more then welcome to wear shoes if you like or for extra support and comfort. This is completely personal preference.

How do I find a leader in my area?

The b. class® is offered by leaders all around Canada some in US and some in Austrailia. As we grow we are certifiying more new leaders and bringing the class to more locations. Check out our find a class page for a leader in your area or close to you. If there is no one in your area and you would like The b. class® to come to you, check out how you can host an event or join a leader training to bring it to your studio/ gym / or facility. Also check out The b. class Facebook main page where you will also find the individual groups and location where it is located. Request approval for the group and email or message the leader in your area to find out more information about their class times and locations. Each leader runs their own classes and manages their own business so inorder to sign up or attend a class or find out info contact the leader in the area.

How do I sign up and how much is a class?

Each class in each location is run seperately by leaders whom work at a facility or run the program on their own. Therefore signing up for classes and payments and cost are dependent on the location and leader. Average range $10-$16 per class. Drop-In's range $12-$18 per class.

How is The b. class® different then other fitness programs?

The b. class® will not only change your body, but it will change your life! "The b. class® offers a space for women to self heal, transform, and connect to self, through self." -Tara Newbigging Beyond the workout it's a sense of community. The b. class® provides a network or supportive women who have a common passion. Within this community you can make new friends, and gain a support team, helping each other heal and share in a common goal of alighing and elevating ones self.

Can kids particpate?

The b. class® can be offered for youth, and some of the leaders offer youth specific classes. Our main adult classes are meant for adults only. We try to keep a distraction free environmentenviroment for the hour. Youth certainly do love the The b. class® and for that reason we run a sub- program to called Girl Be YOU. It is more than just a workout class it is a youth empowerment program. Check out our link on the main page for more info.

Can I do class pregnant?

YES! we have many participants that partake in class during pregnancy. It is just very important to listen to your body and take the impact and jumping low and to just move with love and light as for you and the little one inside. The movements will change and we have a wonderful article on The b. class® and pregnancy that your leader can share with you if you request.