Postpartum and The b.class®: A True Story from one of our leaders.

Postpartum Parenting is nothing shy of a fast moving roller coaster swiftly picking you up off your feet, leaving you feeling unbelievably over stimulated and highly uncontrollable. You clench on for dear life as you go up and down on this very raw and real emotional ride called motherhood.But why must some of us loose ourselves on this beautiful ride in order to feel as though we are giving our ultimate best. How can we give our best to our husband; to our baby; to our family; when we don’t allow ourselves to b. - be present - be vulnerable, be scared, be anxious, be proud.

I was drifting; drifting apart from myself. Apart from my self worth, self reflection, and self thought. I was struggling; struggling with anxiety, struggling with doubt, struggling mentally and physically.

But Why me? Why did I feel this way post baby? Well, Why not me. What if I was given this burden so I could help change the life of future post partum mothers? What if I was taught the knowledge, so I could teach others. What if I found the b. class® , because it had to find me. The b. class® helped me find my way... my way back to me.

The b. class® was more than just a class. It was a community of like minded women gathering in a safe space to feel, inspire, and heal. Women of all ages, color, and size, connecting while moving. A room full of women reflecting on one another’s beauty - but more importantly, reflecting upon themselves. We all come together to reignite our spark, no matter the reason why it got burned out in the first place. The b. class® Inspired me to find me, to fight for me, to stand up for me. Being a mother has been thee most amazing experience of my life. I am proud to say I finally found me again, and I am not letting her go. I am a better wife when I am me, and I am a much better mother when I am me. Meet yourself where you are at and watch yourself grow.

I found my way back because of The b. class® .

Find your way back too. Try a class!

Mandy Kemsley

b.leader in Bonnyville, Alberta.

Owner of: Balance.Studio.Bonnyville

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