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Writing by the Water

Collecting Stories

Hi, this page is for everyone to collectively share a personal experience of how The b. class® "a movementtobyou" has helped you shift, change, discover something beautiful about yourself. Maybe how it has helped you through a chapter, season, or even each week how it lights up your soul. 

We want to hear from you, share for all to connect. 

Tara Newbigging 

"The b.class® is always a good idea! No matter how tired, low or unmotivated I am, it always makes me feel better! Everyone should try it at least once."  

- Heidi H

"Absolutely loved the vibrancy and excellent song selections tonight. No matter how tired I feel, The b.class® always picks me up and I manages to leave me feeling positive and full of energy" .  

-Jo V


"Absolutely love this class. Not only is it a great workout, with a beautiful playlist, it made me feel free. Just what my heart and soul needed. Thank you."     

-Pamela C


"Last night’s b.class® was amazing! The song choices were great (choices from 3 artists). It was energetic, lively and good combination of different moves. The leader has incredible energy & although I felt a little tired, she has a way of getting my energy levels up. I love this class. It helps me live a more peaceful, positive and healthy life."   

-Jo Velardo 

"Absolutely love this high energy class. Although I am a little restricted with a sore back, there is always an adjustment that can be made to the moves. I love Jen’s positive energy that is instilled in me. For the first time ever, I feel comfortable & not judged when I come to class." 

-Jo V

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