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Girl Be YOU


A program for young girls to be inspired to be their best selves, feel confident and empowered, while feeling connected to a special community


Building connection, confidence, and community within our young females of tomorrow. 

What we offer:

Girl be YOU is an empowerment program targeting female youth between the ages of 12-17 years old. 

This program has proven to make an impact and inspire confidence to help girls be their most authentic selves. 

Girls will develop skills to be kinder to themselves and others. The fitness component is like no other. It is an upbeat class where girls will gain strength both physically and mentally and will walk away standing taller and feeling confident! 


The Girl be YOU program is run as a 5-6 week program where girls will take part in a fun fitness program as well as empowering and inspiring activities to help increase confidence and discover what makes them unique! The themes are around body image, self-confidence, dreams and goal setting. The fitness component will help the girls feel physically stronger and are great conditioning for any sport, dance or activity.


Girl be YOU is a great addition to your team's dryland component or as a workshop or team-building class. We can tailor your program length and class duration to fit your team or studio needs. 





Theme One:  Who am I?

Girls will discover what it is that makes them unique. 


Theme Two: Mindset

Girls will be introduced with the idea that if we control our thoughts, we can control our mindset. Girls will have some fun with affirmations. 


Theme Three: Confidence

This theme is all about self-love. Girls will discuss and discover what they love about themselves.



Theme Four: Set Fear on Fire

We all have fears. Sometimes it's not until we are adults that we face them. This theme will have girls thinking about what they fear and some strategies to set them on fire!



Theme Five: Mind, Body and Soul

This activity is all about mindfulness. There are so many different strategies on how to practice mindfulness. This theme will discuss the importance of the mind, body and soul connection. 



Theme Five: Dreams and Goals

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. This theme will get the girls thinking about their dreams and write them down in a creative way!



Some of our b. leaders are certified and qualified to lead this program. In order to host a Girl Be YOU program, you must be a qualified b. leader. 


To have a b. leader host a showcase class for your females to contact us. If we have a leader in your area we can arrange a special event. Or you can hire a leader to host a class at your event. 


We are looking to spread the Girl Be YOU program further around Canada so if  you are intersted in becoming a leader please reach out. 

Leaders and Locations: 

Candace Truman - Calgary, Alberta :

Lynette Waltham - Coronation, Alberta :

Jennifer Muhlbach - Stettler, Alberta :

Sara Hegberg - Stettler, Alberta :

Julie Ryan - Water Valley/ Cremona, Alberta :

Sabrina Heydorn - Camrose, Alberta:

Kobe Sturton- Vancouver Island, BC:

Bobbi Gartner Delowsky- Killam AB & Rosetown SK:

Mandy Kemsley- Bonnyville, Alberta:

Marie-Eve Poulin, Chelsea Quebec:

Sara Dudley- Adelaide, Australia:

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