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Our Story


Through music, movement and especially powerful messaging, The b. class® allows for freedom from structure and encourages women to continuously learn, transform and grow. The b. class® delivers a wonderful workout for the body, it also helps shake things up and out of the mind. 



The b. class® is a supportive environment for women to

connect with other women, but most importantly, a safe space for women to connect with themselves. 



The b. class® encourages women to remove all the distractions of life and give them permission to take the time during class to connect within.



The b. class® will often have women start to look beyond the limiting beliefs they may have placed on themselves. Helping them discover the answers and clarity for which they, sometimes unknowingly, have been looking for; even completely changing the way they have been thinking or feeling about what’s happening in their lives. 



Importantly, The b. class® helps transform what she thinks of her life and of herself. It encourages women to look beyond and reach new levels, that inspire, reignite & elevate.



Women walk away feeling stronger and empowered to live their most authentic lives. 


As one of The b. class® fans has said,  “I’m dancing away the stresses of the day and regaining harmony of body and mind, which leads me to feel more empowered every day.”


It’s more than just a class, it's a movement!



“The more my body moved the more brightly the light in my heart shone and the more I learned about myself. The music, the moves, the internal vibrations I created are what allowed me to release on so many levels. It allowed me to release demons from the past, release negative thinking patterns, issues or memories holding me back. It allowed me to escape HER and connect with ME.”

-Tara Newbigging

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We create a space for women to self-heal, transform, and connect. Feel, express, and  be yourself. Liberate your soul, ignite some spark, and be with what is. Each class experience you will leave feeling clear, strong and empowered.

Founder | Creator

Tara Newbigging

In 2012, through Tara’s own personal journey of self-healing and self-discovery, she used everything that she was going through as a way to shed love and give light to other women while getting an awesome workout at the same time. It was originally called BooTy® for 7 years and now has become The b. class®. It came from a place of vulnerability, inspiration and regeneration.       She moulded together high intensity moves with powerful music to connect women to their bodies. She realized that her creative outlet helped the participants tap into their emotions, unlock what they might have been blocking and get clarity. This in turn helped Tara move through her own life experiences and have an outlet to be free, courageous and create new beginnings. The foundation of the program was born! 

The b. class® is now central to the person that Tara has blossomed into today. Just like with her participants, it challenges her when she needs to be challenged, it balances her when she feels unbalanced, but most importantly, it helps her discover the deepest parts of herself in times of need.

“My goal is to share this program with women around the world. My hope is that more and more women will be able to feel and experience the powerful effects that The b. class® creates. Certifying new Leaders to bring The b. class® to the women in their area is key in this goal. I am grateful to all the Leaders who accept taking on this exciting role. They will have such a profound impact on their participants’ lives.”

-Tara Newbigging.

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