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Become a b.leader

Join our team of b. leaders


In efforts to grow The b. class® and share it with more women, we are always looking for leaders to certify and train to become leaders within their community/town. Our b. leaders are having a huge impact on other women's lives as they are sharing the vision of the brand's tag line: 'a movement to b. you.'


Our certification program gives leaders the chance to meet and connect with other leaders as we provide community and support along the journey of becoming a b. leader. The training gives leaders all the tools need to take the program to a local studio or gym, as well as leaders have the ability to start up their own business and rent a studio to run their classes. 


Our leaders are hand-selected or recommended through word of mouth. The brand is interested in expanding to areas around Canada and Australia. Reach out and connect if you are interested in applying or joining our team. 


Discover more about The b. class®


  • Learn The b. class® history, how and why the program was developed.

  • Learn how to create a community of women and give something special that is life-changing. 

  • Learn and embody our core values and mission of why we do what we do. 



Dig deeper into the mind, body, soul components of fitness and wellness:


  • Break down choreography, techniques, and key teaching concepts of why we do what we do and the important pieces of the music and movements that make The b. class® unique. 

  • Learn how to be a leader and not an instructor.

  • Learn to spark and ignite healing for others. 



Get certified and set to lead


  • Our suggested music and playlists. We use apple music so best to create an account. 

  • Team networking and team support. 

  • The ability to licence the brand and use it. 









Apply by sending Tara Newbigging an email:

Subject: b.leader training 

Send a short video with your name, where you are from, info about you, and why you want to be a b.leader. 

Please make note if you are currently doing classes with any of the leaders and in what area. 



$1111 CAD (non-refundable) and does not guarantee that you become a certified leader.

$630 CAD (post-training annual licensing fee) this is due once you start leading.

After training, if you are ready to go start right away you are required to pay your licencing fee. 

If you are not ready to lead you are given a 3-month window of practice until you are ready. 

Licencing fees are due each year upon the anniversary date. 

Each leader is responsible for own liability insurance and own CPR training and is mandatory prior to lead a class.


Have more questions: Contact your local leader or email

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